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Google Earth Titanic:

FYI: In Hyde's letter to grandmother in 1940 he states:

"I looked back just in time to see the ship roll over on its side and sink."

As I understood it, was not until James Cameron's "FINAL WORD" telecast this year that it was confirmed that the ship did roll to port and so is substantiated by Hyde's view and statement way back when....

see link below:


A Titanic Time-line Web Site


Did an 1898 novella anticipate the Titanic disaster?

The plot of Morgan Robertson's Futility bears an uncanny resemblance

to the events surrounding the sinking of the Titanic, published 14 years

before the FATEFUL voyage.

The book tells the story of the Titan: "The largest ship ever built, billed as 'unsinkable' by its British owners and the press, strikes an iceberg one April and goes down. Due to a lack of lifeboats, more than half the passengers perish in the North Atlantic," wrote The Portland Press Herald of the book's plot.

Sound familiar?

Futility has since been renamed The Wreck of the Titan,

and it's available for free on Google Books 

or I have provided the BOOK LINK here below for it,

to those with interest:


"THEY SAID It Couldn't Sink..."


RE: Thomas Andrews

"Did Poor workmanship sink Titanic????"


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