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A Sincere THANK YOU to all....

To all who have been with us on this long

journey of discovery:

I am focused solely on completing this NON-fiction accounting, as well as detailing all the current events encountered on my own "real time" journey of discovery researching this claim...

Then soon after, will follow with the Screenplay based on this incredible saga.

As well as providing information as regards this story as it was actually unfolding, back in the day... and in ALL the many voices of the principals involved , from the volumes of original correspondence and documentation collected.

Yes, ALL will be covered in MUCH detail once I publish!

It should be understood that I am not a third party who is researching this  tragic tale for sensational purposes but, that it is my FAMILY story and  a very personal and emotional journey. 

All involved on this quest are so grateful to everyone who has interest in this incredible story and KNOW we all feel a responsibility to you...

"To Get It Right."

 THAT is my Mother's, My and ALL who are involved, 

ONLY motivation.

As stated if there is anyone we have missed contacting or if ANYONE who has additional credible information to share as regards this story will care to come forward, we would be so appreciative of your assistance to simply...

TELL THE TRUTH after 100+ years!

We are making every effort to answer, as best we are able, all questions as concerns the incredible 

Loraine Allison/Loraine Kramer Saga...

The TRUE story of my dear, lovely, glamorous and oh so courageous Grandmother.


Debrina Woods

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