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April 29th CNN S.S. TITANIC Series Recap:

I didn't imagine that last night's broadcasts would have ANYTHING NEW forthcoming... although the NEW technology aspects are quite exciting and wonderful to watch...

Traveling up the Grand Staircase with amazing AI technology and...

Poignantly, visiting the Allison's adjoining first-class accommodations.

S.S. Titanic First Class Tour

YouTube Link:

I do look forward to viewing these CNN telecasts but only imagine that it will pretty much be a new "re-packaging" of existing/old information...

Still, it keeps PUBLIC and Industry interest peeked which is definitely, very beneficial to launching my platform/publishing, etc. 

Also, CNN's Anderson Cooper's great-grandfather...

"George Washington Vanderbilt II, a member of the Vanderbilt family, had booked a passage on the S.S. Titanic, along with his wife Edith and daughter Cornelia. However, they canceled their trip at the last minute due to a warning from a family member, reportedly Edith’s well-traveled sister, who said “so many things can go wrong on a maiden voyage”.

They instead sailed on the Olympic, which departed before the Titanic."

And.... my great-grandfather, Hudson J Allison, was the man who booked the two adjoining first-class staterooms that GWVII gave up!!!

Later, he parishes with his young wife the night of the sinking.

NOTE: Sunday night, 4/28/2024 at 9pm and 10PM,

CNN has a two-part series on the S.S. TITANIC disaster being broadcast on


As stated before, I have the ONLY original documentation/Evidence


Not only as involves my grandmother's survival claim

but also our very controversial claim that  Thomas Andrews,

(the designer of the TITANIC) survived...

binders open

In any case, I am committed to telling the truth, as my

documentation portrays and leave it soon, to the world to decide.

 I do hope to supply information about our story to, and be in contact with Mr. Cooper soon, as well as the producers/host of, CNN's, 


Thank you EVERYONE for your continued support...

and I ask again that you continue to visit and share THIS Website,

as well as LIKE/FOLLOW us on our Facebook,

"Titanic's Last Mystery" page.

Thank you dw

Here too, is an additional link to another CNN offering:

The Enduring Allure of TITANIC

Titanic Belfast
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