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Titanics Last Mystery Postcard

Welcome, All...

Thank you to EVERYONE who has shown such an interest in and, care

about my grandmother's yes, at times, sad and yet amazing story...

I can assure you, that while the events that transpired did break her heart, they never damaged her spirit! I would have looked up to and admired her if she had had NOTHING to do with the Titanic or the Allison Family. She was a fine and LOVING mother to her 6 children... 

Which overflowed into her grandchildren's lives and beyond.  She taught me ever to be, a lady and, 

"to live my life with dignity and grace and to be kind to whomever I could along the way"

Helen Loraine Allison

Mrs. Helen Loraine Allison/Kramer

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald - (Last Line) The Great Gatsby

  UPDATE - September 2023:

Thank you EVERYONE for your kind interest and support.  

The recent rise in responses in LIKES at our  FACEBOOK Page  Titanic's Last Mystery

has been incredible!!!  And we are approaching over 1,850,000 page visits here at this website!!

There is so much to be excited about...

Amazing NEW SUPPORT EVIDENCE has just come to light and new information that the heavily biased Loraine Allison Project was grossly misinformed in their reporting and was solely organized and meant to intimidate and suppress us from telling this story, by the descendants of those whose grandparents who are implicated in extremely sinister and criminal actions.  Not only to my Grandmother but also to her younger brother Hudson Trevor, and others as well.

Please KNOW how grateful we all are for your willingness to hear our truths after over 100+ years and, for the world to make its own decision!!


We maintain that once we publish, all will be presented with both sides,

so we will leave it to the world to draw their conclusions. In any case,

THEY have made their claims and must stand by them now... 

But, we assure you that our evidence will paint a much different picture!!!

So again, a Thank You to ALL who are willing to wait and see both sides of this complex saga, and we promise that you will not be disappointed by what OUR evidence will soon disclose!!! 

We regret not being able to comment here more frequently, I am committed to completing the book and screenplay this year, which WILL finally detail so many of the newly discovered TRUTHS as regards this incredible saga... and there has not been enough time to update here.

An additional statement to ALL regarding:  

The premature, insensitive, irresponsible, and INACCURATE 2014 Press announcements

In brief, and in gratitude...

  • We wish to thank everyone who has withheld judgments based on information supplied to the media by the heavily biased hostiles involved (Mainly, descendants of those my book will disclose as being implicated in much sinister wrongdoing) and others, misguided in attempting to discredit, confuse and suppress this story.
  • On a positive note; we have also as a result of the global-viral and tabloid way this story got reported, been contacted by MANY people who knew my grandmother and many of the principals involved at the time and who have provided US with much more invaluable NEW information in support of our quest!!! Our great gratitude has no boundary!!!
  • We simply ask that ALL who have interest please remain objective until our information is finally published and presented to you...then YOU make up your minds.
  • Again, these are NOT my theories but will be the presentation of the FACTS in the principal's own voice, from their diaries, correspondence, legal records/statements as it was being played out as it was happening, by all those involved at the time, over 100 years ago.
  • Please also take a moment to refer to the DNA Statement page for Carol Tonyan's Statement. She is David Allison's direct counterpart as his cousin and the granddaughter of his Grandfather and Hudson J. Allison's brother (George B. Allison)


TLM documents binders
TLM documents binders OPEN

As ever, we all regret all the confusion and embarrassment this story,  

and our simple pursuit of the TRUTH of it has caused. 

It is quite conceivable, and to be fair, all the William Percival Allison descendants and others involved in this story were ever told, was only what their grandfather wanted them to know. 

We of course made every attempt from day one, for over two years, to meet with them all

privately to disclose to them what remarkable evidence we had discovered and to simply seek out the real TRUTH of this matter... with some sensitivity. 

But, THEY, elected to deliberately and immediately go on the attack, and "Close Ranks" in an 

"Attempt to discredit and suppress this story" and quite frankly, as our documentation will soon disclose,  "DISTORT the TRUTH" unabashedly. 

We will soon leave it all to you soon, to decide for yourselves.

Thank you

Debrina Woods / Carol Tonyan



Titanic docked at Belfast
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